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All our products are made from Perspex. Perspex acrylic sheet is manufactured by the world's leading acrylics producer Lucite International. Perpsex has been manufactured in the UK since 1934.

Perspex features:

* Outstanding clarity

* High gloss surface

* Exceptionally hard wearing

* Weather resistant

* Shatter resistant

* Lightweight

* Acrylic sheets achieves a UK Class 3 fire rating.


For general purpose cleaning, the sheet should be washed simply with clean cold water to which a little detergent has been added. The use of any solvents such as methylated spirits, turpentine, white spirit or proprietary window cleaning products is neither necessary nor recommended.

Fixing of mirrors:

Industrial Plastic Supplies Ltd cannot be held responsible for any damage to walls caused by in-correctly fixed mirrors. We will offer advise at any stage needed and will only supply suitable adhesive products.